Personal responsibility rears its ugly head again

I was watching CSPAN (yeah, we dogs watch CSPAN!) and the rep from MN was pontificating on how backed up the St. Paul passport office was and ow her constituents could not go on their vacations because it was taking more than five weeks to process passports.

Oh, BOO-HOO! We have had two years to get a passport. We knew this law was coming and yet we sat around on our butts and thought we could just go up to the drive-through passport office and order one. No waiting more than 20 seconds or your passport is free!

I’m not a Condi fan, but I could tell in her face she was thinking what I was thinking. “Your dumbass constituents should have planned in advance instead of screwing up and then complaining to the government that someone should fix the problem. It is their own damn fault. NEXT!”