Pizza can change the world

Pizza Box from Donatos
Pizza Box from Donatos

I ordered a pizza from Donatos today for a couple reasons. One, I was eating alone and pizza, wings and ribs are really the only “alone food” you can eat. Another, I had not eaten pizza is a very long time and lastly, I was driving by Donatos and realized I had not yet supported Kevin. So, I ordered pizza.

The girl who answered did not really understand that I wanted one large pepperoni with extra cheese, light sauce. It could have been iPhone; it could have been me, but she wanted to give me the special with a 2 liter of Diet Coke. OK. I bit. I was driving and didn’t need to think that hard. (yeah, we dogs drive!)

I get the pizza, flip open the lip and start eating. It was a bit hot, so I closed it up and the box top caught my eye. There were words on it. So, I started reading. I read the whole lid. It said:

WE BELIEVE IN GREAT PIZZA, which means we believe in only the finest and the freshest toppings used in abundance. And we believe in getting those toppings in every bite. We believe in pizza making without shortcuts. Because great pizza is a passion, and we believe that passion is contagious. In turn, we believe great pizza can change the world. Yes, we believe in absolutely everything pizza should be. And we invite you to believe the same.

The bold is mine. On the lid, that line is set in the smallest type, but it is probably the most important.

So, of the tens of thousands of people who see the lid, a thousand will read it. Of the thousand who read it, a hundred will think about it. Of the hundred who think about it, two will think it is a really cool thought. Of the two that think it is really cool, one dog will blog about it and make the lid famous, causing other people to start paying attention to their pizza lids.

Hey, it’s only pizza. Or is it?