Plain Joe Lieberman

If you haven’t already seen the “one more moment” video between Lieberman and Franken, here it is.

At first, I just laughed. Funny people, Senators. “Let him talk, he wasn’t saying anything anyway.”

But then I got to thinking. If Joe Lieberman had to deal with real life the way we all out here in Realitytown have to, the following things would also be denied.

“No, Joe, you can’t have another moment to score a touchdown. The buzzer has already buzzed.”

“I’m sorry, Joe, but we stopped serving breakfast at McDonalds at 10:30. I know it is 10:31, but sorry.”

“No, Joe, you can’t have a few more minutes to finish your SAT test.”

“Sorry, Joe, but that parking meter expired a minute ago. You can’t have a few more minutes to shop.”

“Ooooo, Joe, yeah, but that insurance premium check arrived in our offices 1 day late. Sorry”

Perhaps if Privileged Joe Lieberman had a few more Plain Joe life experiences, he would not be so quick to deny health care to folks who have trouble getting affordable insurance between the ages of 55 – 64.

And maybe the public option may not be such a bad idea for the rest of us.