Technology changes, people don’t. Plugging into an old guy.

Why can’t I plug into an old guy when I turn ten years old and gain all the knowledge, wisdom and skill he has? Why do I need to start from nothing and work an entire lifetime to gain knowledge, wisdom and skill on my own, only to have it lost when I die? Why do each of us have to start from nothing, work an entire lifetime to gain knowledge, wisdom and skill?

I should be able to know that jealousy, envy, lust, pride and all the other seven deadlies have consequences that lead to no good. I should not have a dread fear of change because I should know everything is ok. In more important cases, I should know that a lack of respect leads to war which leads to the needless death of other human beings. If I was able to plug into an old guy, I could advance the human race from where HE left off, not from square one.

Is it any wonder that humanity has not changed throughout its entire existence, regardless of how much better our technology is?

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