PR Pitches

If you are pitching something to DogWalkBlog, READ THIS FIRST. Failure to read this and pitching us anyway will likely get you bit real bad. You have been warned.

1. We are NOT a dog or pet blog. If your product/service is focused on the pet market, don’t pitch us.

2. Don’t ask us to do anything for free, for a link exchange or anything other than cold, hard cash. Really. Dogs have needs and they ain’t cheap.

3. We do not accept samples for anything.

4. We do not do product or service reviews.

5. We do not do giveaways, contests, lotteries or drawings. Too much legal crap.

6. We are open to accepting advertising, but only short (3 month) commitments at a time and only for placement that will fit in the right sidebar. You should be prepared to pay a lot of cash, minimum one comma in the amount.

7. We don’t accept unsolicited guest posts. We will NEVER accept sponsored posts. Ever. The FTC rules are just too much of a pain to deal with and life is way too short.

8. If we don’t reply to your first pitch, DO NOT SEND ANOTHER. Really, we’re not ignoring you. We just said no.

9. If you have ever been told by anyone in your family or a friend that you are an annoying, pesky a**hat, just stay away from us and go pitch someone else.

That pretty much covers it.