PupPeroni is even more fun than ice cream

Charlie and Sallie love Pup-Peroni after walks. If I run out, they won’t take any other treat.

So, I happened upon the Web site (printed right on the bag) and found this really cool, fun movie maker where you can write messages on the billboard the dogs hold in their mouths. (If you have a dog, go ahead and make a few and tweet them. Mention @dogwalkblog; we’ll see them!) I made a few movies and wanted to share them with the world. I type up my tweet and thought I would also drop a mention to @puperoni or even @delmonte. (see the two movies I made here and here.)

Nothing, no twitter accounts, no links to twitter, nothing.

Now, come on, other folks must want to do the same thing so I searched for PupPeroni on Twitter and found lots of chatter. Seems people like PupPeroni as much as Charlie and Sallie!

I’m pretty confident that the big-boot lawyers at DelMonte will be sending me a cease and desist and forcing YouTube to remove the video, so hurry up and view it. I hope they choose to reach out and say, “Wow, Rufus, that is a cool idea! Tell us more about how we can use Social Media to reach our canine fans and their humans with bulging wallets” but I’ve walked around the block far more than most. I’m not that optimistic.

But, I am hopeful! DelMonte, drop me a tweet!

*The title? A take on @ev‘s explanation of twitter. It is not useful, but neither is ice cream. People, I’m a dog. the only thing we live for is fun. PupPeroni and ice cream 🙂