Puppies of Mad Men

Midge drawing puppies for Gramdmother's Day in Mad Men

I was transferring some rather large iTunes libraries and one of those little buggers is bound to start playing in the background. Season one, Episode One Smoke Gets in your Eyes was the one that started playing.

By the time I figured out it was playing, it made it all the way to the scene where Don knocks on Midge’s door and she shows him the greeting card she is drawing for Grandmother’s Day. It was a puppy! I missed that scene.

Anyway, it got me thinking that if Mad Men started off with a puppy, there has got to be a ton of other puppy references throughout. So I am going to find them and add them here.

If anyone wants to join in on the project, just holler below in the comments and let me know which episodes you will be watching. Post the time dogs or puppies are referenced and we should have a list in short order.

Hey, it’s research!

Season 1, Episode 1, 3:42

5 Replies to “Puppies of Mad Men”

  1. Okay it’s been a while since I watched the earlier seasons… the Drapers have a golden retriever but you only catch rare glimpses of it throughout the seasons. I know there was one episode where Betty and the neighbor got into it over birds and the golden and she brings out the shotgun. Not sure if this helps.

  2. Yup, Don brought home the dog after he ducked out of Sallie’s birthday party and drank under a bridge. I don’t know how he found an open pet store at that hour, but it was NYC. Love that episode where Betty cocks the gun and fires at the pigeons!

    I also know about Chauncey and the episode where Pete Campbell comes back from his honeymoon, even though that was a racial slur. I was looking to put a database together so the references could be cross-referenced.

  3. Watch Mad Men? Stare at Jon Hamm for hours and hours? Oh twist my arm! I’d probably be too distracted to notice puppies though. And for me, that is REALLY distracted. 😉

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