Rand Paul: If we listen, we’ll hear you

I listened to Rand Paul on NPR and Rachel Maddow yesterday and I think I understand what he is saying. He needs to come up with the 140 character sound byte or he will quickly spin this out of control. The link above is his interview with Maddow. (MSNBC embed is a pain)

rand Paul

Here is what I think he is saying:

People should act with decency, respect for others and common sense. When you fail at that, government then feels they get to decide for you. Once you give government the power to decide for you, they take and take and take, all in the name of “protecting” your rights. So, people, don’t be dumbasses and get yourself stuck in a corner so that the only solution is to have government sort you all out, ok?

That is what I think he is saying. But the folks interviewing him are too busy searching out for that sound byte that they aren’t really listening to his answers.