Read the writing on the paw

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker – Sarah – come into the DogWalk to motivate us to get out there and walk regularly, even if there is two feet of snow outside, kids home from school everywhere and cars zipping by us as we walk in the street.

Then, Charlie noticed that Sarah had some writing on her paw. Fortunately, we were able to take a picture and zoomed it up for you.

The paw read:
– Walk, Pee
– Torture cat (crossed out)
– Evolve
– Hope, Change

Enjoy the walk.

*Footnotes: Ironically, the typeface we used to write on the paw is called Dear Sarah. Thanks @barackobama for the last item on the list, thanks @whitehouse / Robert Gibbs for the inspiration and your sense of humor and thanks @sarahpalinUSA for the pit bull reference at the GOP Convention without which, we probably would never have noticed ye.

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