Regardless of how large the world is, at some point you being here will matter

How many birds are there at any one time on the planet? There must be billions. It is not an idle question, though frequent readers here are probably starting to doubt I will get to the point any time soon. Patience.

Last year, a family of birds made a nest in a little crevice between the siding and the roof over the garage of the doghouse. I didn’t have the heart to forcibly evict them, so I let nature take its course and eventually all the small birds grew up, learned to fly and they were out. I then went up there with a can of foam and sealed that crack up tight.

Or so I thought.


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  1. Just read your blog on the baby birds. Funny thing, just last weekend we had a similar problem. We knew birds were nesting in the roof right above our bedroom. The last straw was when we both were kept up all night on Friday by the constant banging around in our ceiling. We have cathedral ceilings so these birds could have only had a couple of inches of space. It sounded like a raccoon was walking around up there! So Nick (my husband) and I proceded to pull the cedar boards off the brick wall to better expose where these birds were getting in. Nick could see that there were at least 4 baby birds in a nest. We left it open for a while and mama bird convinced 3 of the 4 to fly away. Nick sealed it up and mama kept coming back to try to get the 4th. You should have heard her crying. He eventually removed the board again as I could not handle hearing her calling for her baby. The 4 th kept running up into the roof every time Nick would look. I don’t think she was quite ready to fly. Eventually, though, the bird did leave the nest and we were able to close up the cedar siding and caulk and seal the area. Bad thing was, we had a really thick and pretty ivy growing on the brick and we removed it as it probably was an attractant for the birds. Now we really have a mess to clean up.

    Stupid thing is, these were starlings which we curse at all the time for eating the bird seed left for the pretty birds. I just felt bad as a mom myself hearing that mama bird calling for her baby.

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