Restless Daylight Savings

Rufus’ body clock is off, so we went for a walk at 10:00 today…. I really didn’t want to work today anyway… parked the van on Wolf and walked behind the fence… the Java Spot is BUSY mid morning. One guy was ordering and forgot the order his wife (I guess) sent him for. He was sure it was carmel something or other, so Tom started naming carmel coffee drinks, which only got him more anxious. So he called back to confirm what he had forgotten.

I piped up and said “I would just buy one of each” which amused the crap out of an older woman (whom I suspect is a closet smart-ass 😉 ) standing behind him… He didn’t react…

In the “you know what you oughta do” department, a customer told Tom he should sell Java Spot shirts… inventory problems, now… he won’t do it, too smart.

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