Road trip shout out

Ok, Colin Browning of New Marketing Labs is doing this road trip from Dearborn, MI to Austin, TX to attend SXSW and I learned he is driving through Dayton, Ohio.

So, I tweeted out that he should give me a shout-out on Twitter when he passes through Dayton. I’m also hoping he takes lots of photos, starting from the crossroads of I70-I75 to the skyline of Dayton to the bridges to nowhere they are building where Route 4 dumps into 75 (construction now, but maybe they will be cool when done.. I dunno) And the University of Dayton on your left, just past downtown and the Dayton Daily News PTC building at 73 and I75 (about 10 miles south of Dayton) on your right.

We’ll see where this goes!


Stay tuned!!

2 Replies to “Road trip shout out”

  1. Hi Charlie –

    Sorry we didn’t have a chance to stop by – the trip went by far too quickly!

    Thanks for the shout out and we hope to do more of these… so there may be another chance!


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