Second annual Leash of Life walk raises over $400 for St. Judes Hospital

Leash on life Heather Marcia Melissa
Heather, Marcia and Melissa

Petland of York Commons held its second annual Leash of Life walk around the Town Center at Miller Lane on Saturday, May 1. There were thirty-seven human walkers and over forty dogs. The event raised over four hundred dollars for St. Judes Hospital.

Dog walkers turn out for the second annual Leash on Life dog walk in Dayton, Ohio

The dogs and their human companions started out at the Petland and stopped at the Chick-fil-A for coupons, water and other goodies. They then went on to the Coldstone Creamery for small cups of vanilla ice cream and puppy treats and ended up at Cousin Vinny’s Pizza – a franchise store opening in a couple weeks – for faux pizza made with liver spread, English muffins and Beggin’ Strips pieces. The humans were also served real pizza.

Fortunately for the walkers, the rain stopped shortly before the event.

For more information about getting involved with the Leash of Life event, please contact Marcia Eyler (937) 898-9100 or email. Be sure to stop in the sponsors of the walk when you are in the neighborhood!