Seeing change…

Dead worms in a gutter

We found a different path today and as I was sniffing around on the ground, I came upon this whole line of dead worms in the gutter along the blacktop. Apparently, at some point, there was a lot of water in the gutter and life was good. But, then the heat of the day came along and dried up the water. The worms died because they could not see change around them and did not move quickly enough to get back underground where it was moist.

3 Replies to “Seeing change…”

  1. May have not been change which caused their death. Instead, the inability to adapt paralyzed their movement.

  2. @ Anonymous. Yes, obvious point, but an additional one is that when life is really good, you can’t (or won’t) really see change coming. Had the worms seen the water drying up, they would have been able to stay alive by adapting.

    @David. Cute??!!?? I am not just another cute puppy!! I have a brain, too 🙂 But thank you… keep reading….

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