Serving red-staters only

Three things of significance have happened in the past year that has made me pause and think that perhaps we may be on a trajectory that should reverse course.

1. The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have the right to free expression, which enables them to give freely to any candidate they choose.

2. I made a visit to Jim’s Donut Shop in Vandalia, Ohio. There were a bunch of old men sitting around the counter and I jokingly remarked to the counter lady that this must be the place where all the political talks take place. “Just don’t be supportin’ Obama in here,” she candidly remarked.

3. I participated on a New Media Dayton panel about content and the question of identity online was asked. I made a joke about how we will see businesses force customers into Red State and Blue State lines depending on their political views and the ones in the line the brand supported would be served first. I was immediately taken aback by how true that is becoming.

Eventually, someone at a client organization will find this blog and connect it up to my real life person. There will probably be some discussion around a board table in which a comment like, “That boy leans too far left to be able to represent our brand with integrity. All in favor of firing that liberal, socialist commie, say ‘aye'” will be made.

Will business ever get to the point where they start thinking “your money is not green enough for us to take from you?” They did once upon a time in this country when no matter how much money a black person was willing to spend, business did not care to take it or treat him well based solely on the color of their skin. Still happens, but we’re less likely to put up signs.

Business is not nameless and faceless. Business is people. People have emotions, opinions and points of view that are not necessarily in line with their long-term best interests or survival instincts. Most times, they are not.

Will we get to that place where business refuses to serve you based on the color of your politics?

I hope not. But I have not been back to Jim’s Donut Shop since.

And never will.

Photo source: Does using a photo in the public domain, stored by the US Government in the Library of Congress make me a socialist? I dunno.

3 Replies to “Serving red-staters only”

  1. I’m not surprised at the response at the donut shop and that response is not restricted to Ohio. It’s here too. I was driving on the freeway outside of Orlando on Sunday and saw a billboard sponsored by Media Matters. The billboard read “Honk if you don’t trust the liberal media.” So any news outlet that doesn’t skew right is untrustworthy? That kind of nonsense takes root in suburbia but urban America has its own spoon-fed prejudices and opinions too. How does something like the idea that dissent is patriotic or that consensus means successful politics take root in a poisoned environment? How does a society stop being reactionary? I don’t know and I don’t think anybody else knows either.

  2. I don’t know, but I suspect it has something to do with media not treating politics like it is some sort of reality game show! The people at the very top of these media organizations know it is all about profit, but you don’t have to go down very far on the org chart to see a transformation of the actual vision (profit at all costs) to those adopting the ideology for its own sake. That is when it becomes dangerous.

    The end result of this is we begin to treat people who don’t think like us as the enemy instead of the opposition. Another American Civil War is probably not out of the running in our future.

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