Shakespeare fan club

So, in response to my tirade about how an “education” these days doesn’t actually result in even a cursory knowledge of Shakespeare, Sally McLean (no relationship to my really smart editor but the reason I started following her way back) created these shirts.

Click to see all the shirts at the store

Click to see all the shirts at the store

I love them and bought three. Isn’t this the way social media is supposed to work? I posted up an opinion, someone commented, I buzzed back and *presto” I got a really cool shirt that someone created that knew they could sucker me into buying! (that is a good thing!)

We live in a wonderful age of awesomeness!

PS I also bought this one.
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2 Responses to Shakespeare fan club

  1. barrie says:

    Absolutely! I have gotten all kind of great dog info via twitter personally and am creating customized treat pouches with another twitter person and of course I am sure you saw this via twitter earlier today:

    I am so glad that your opinion of twitter is back in the good range 🙂

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