Sharpie at Fashion Week and funky purple

Sharpie is at Fashion Week in New York. I just wish I was there. I really don’t care too much about fashion, but life in Dayton, Ohio is just dead boring. I’ve also set a new random challenge to get an invite to a fashion show in 2010. Anyone want a dog to attend a show? Front row only, people!

So Sharpie has this thing called a Sharpie Bar at the Bryant Park tents and @sharpiesusan has been tweeting out all week. Someone said something about the stainless steel Sharpie and I had to see it. As I was strolling through their web site, this caught my eye and I had to share.

Purple gets to be the “funky color swatch” I love it! It’s these little details that designers throw in just to make life a tad more interesting. A little outside the lines, enough to get away with, but not so much that you get in trouble for it. Like contractors hiding empty beer cans inside walls (another story!) or Easter eggs in software.


Ok, back to work people. Present Sharpies! Click! Write, write, left, wright, left.