Design that tries too hard to be cool

I was stumbling around Twitter, opened the door to what I thought was the restroom and found myself staring at this:

I frantically searched for the remote control to change the channel before anyone else walked into the room and realized this was not a movie set for an adult film; is a real bath tub.

I admire the craftsmanship. I get the quirkiness of the design. I can appreciate the “cojones” it takes to commit to something this big, this odd as a bath. I get all that. I’m not sure what is most disturbing; the foot sweat pouring from the faucet or the obvious hooker-heels look.

But it still tries too hard to be cool. And too hard is just never cool; it is uncomfortably awkward.

This blog post is part of an informal “blog-off” where a pack of know-it-alls brazenly comment on one topic selected at random by somebody at random who couldn’t run out of the room fast enough. We tell ourselves our opinions on this stuff is influential, but most of the time it won’t make a damn bit of difference. That being said and my conscience clear now that I have warned you, I encourage you to drop by the list of folks below and see what their reaction to the shoe tub is:

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Mr. Paul Anater @Paul_Anater
Becky Shankle @ecomod

2 Replies to “Design that tries too hard to be cool”

  1. Your point is well taken. This really is design trying too hard since design needs to serve both form and function. But, as purely art, you can at least appreciate it!

  2. As art, it isn’t all that imaginative as artists have been using the high-heeled shoe as inspiration for years in film, print and now tile. It almost guarantees a reaction. But for craftsmanship, I give it full props. When you can wrap tile flawlessly around a shape with that many curves, it show meticulous planning and a deep commitment to your craft.

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