Staying safe on Craigslist means not being dumb in real life

I read an article on MediaPost about Craigslist monitoring the erotic services section. I’m sure it is all over a lot of other blogs and news sites.

All of this is not about free speech or community standards or any of that highfaluting stuff. It is about people making basic decisions about the amount of risk they want to take on with personal choices.

If you are an adult and you go into a dark alley that smells of beer and urine and has lots of folks in varying stages of undress lurking about, you are taking a risk that you will not come out the other side unscathed. It’s the ame thing with these areas of Craigslist. It’s not a secret.

Craigslist hoped to treat adults like adults. Our local governments want to treat everyone like a child. Maybe someday we’ll be able to tell the difference. In the meantime, enjoy the “Happy Bubble” place all these law enforcement people have stuffed you into.

2 Replies to “Staying safe on Craigslist means not being dumb in real life”

  1. Every time a new technology is made is used for weapons. That was true a few decades ago. Now is used for sex. Not a big deal. If Craigslist will stop with erotic ads (or will charge for them. That will mean stop anyway) another service will be born in a few hours

  2. All sites like aol/myspace/graiglist needs to stop that all 3 sites has nutty ppl on their ready to do damage to someone by posting lies up or bullying people on them most are adults goodlord ppl this crap needs to stop. But I think they need to ban sexual ad’s so our kids will not click on them parents you need to watch it’s not hard you catch them ban them off the computer.

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