Stupid is good

“Greed is good” Gordon Gecko, Wall Street, 1987

And now apparently stupid is in. Stupid is good. At least that is what Diesel wants you to believe. In 2008, we wanted really smart people to be in power. Judging from the current political winds, 2012 may be the year stupid is cool again.

I understand why Diesel is pushing stupid as cool. They want to sell more crap and their demographic prides themselves on being willfully ignorant. It is not cool to be tuned into politics and what is happening on the national debate. That is for old geezers. And being and staying stupid abdicates oneself of responsibilities as a citizen and a member of a multi-cultural, multi-generational society.

And this is exactly why we should not allow corporations, free-trade and the open market to dictate who we are as a country. Their entire interest is selling more crap to people by any means necessary. Including subverting an entire generation of people into choosing willful ignorance.

Stupid is good. Oh, my. The post-GenYers may be the rockiest generation yet.