SXSW had gone to the dogs

If you are going to Austin for SXSW next week, help us prove that SXSW is going to the dogs. It is real simple.

1. Take a photo of a dog you see at SXSW.
2. Tweet out with your photo using your favorite photo service, TwitPic, TweetPhoto, Yfrog, whatever. Enter as many photos as you wish.
3. Include the hashtag #sxswdogs in your tweet
4. We’ll pick it up and post the photo in a SWSW gallery on DogWalkBlog.

Then, after SXSW is over, we’ll pick the top 10 dog photos using our super-secret, patent-pending butt sniffing algorithm (not really, the contest will be super subjective!) and post up the top 10, where we’ll open it up for a vote. You can vote early and as often as you like.

The winner of this contest with very few rules will win a free DWB t-shirt and barking rights.

That’s it! Very few rules. Must be a dog photo, must be taken AT SXSW (no, we’re not going to check, but if you want to go through life cheating, fine. You have to live with yourself) and must be tagged with the hashtag #sxswdogs.

So, game on!

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