Business advice from a 20-something

I was sitting outside the Uptown Cafe in Oxford, Ohio this morning, drinking coffee, watching the sights… and this 20-something unlocked his bike from the meter and asked me if I was with Vanguard (my free computer bag had the Vanguard logo stitched on the front). I told him no, but we entered into a brief conversation about bicycles (he works at BikeWise, kitty-corner to the Uptown. Long story short, we talked about the consolidation of bike shops and his remark was, “Most of these places fail because they fall in love with the bike and forget about the business.”

Well, interesting philosophy with soccer as well. Most of these “think of the children” and “purity of the sport” people who feel that money somehow taints youth soccer need to take a lesson from our Bike Wise friend. Stay focused on the BUSINESS of soccer and that will enable you to enjoy the SPORT of soccer much, much longer.

Overhead danger

Went walking along the bike path that connects Adelweis to Grossnickel Park… unshoveled, of course, because it is a Metro Parks path and the City of Englewood got lots of money to build it… but doesn’t really want anyone to use it…. there is a section that passes underneath I-70.. DANGEROUSLY close to thing like rocks spitting off trucks, cars spraying crap off the edge… heaven help the city if anyone actually gets killed by a flying tire, shredding off a truck trailer. A cage or fence is probably a really good idea, but won’t ever happen because .. well, hey, that would cost money and that would take away from the walkway paver project….