Autumn first run: Leaves

Paul Anater over at Kitchen and Residential Design is running some How-To articles on Autumn, so I thought I’d add at least one more to his growing library. This is about how to survive raking and blowing leaves.

If you have not yet bought a house in the suburbs, don’t! If it is already too late and you plunked down some money on your “dream” that will suck away your every waking minute, hopefully we can help save you a bit of time and anxiety about raking and gathering leaves at the end of summer.



Risk as a downhill ski run, Bode Miller style

I was reading my Wall Street Journal today, page after page of blah, blah, blah and then I came across this story on page B8. It stopped me dead in my tracks.

I am not following the Winter Olympic Games nor am I really a fan of Bode Miller. I didn’t even read the article, but what I did do is stare at the photograph.* Here’s why.

Notice how much of the ski is touching the surface of the snow. Notice how “off center” Miller’s body is. Now, imagine how that feels at 90mph (I don’t know how fast he is going, but pretty dang fast.)

And it strikes me that downhill skiing is a lot like doing something that you are passionate about. You hurl yourself headlong into it without thinking about the risk. Your actions and reactions are instinctive, you trust in yourself and your skills and when you doubt yourself for a split second or become aware of the cheering (and sometimes jeering) fans along the fence, it all unravels quickly.

You may crash, you may win a gold medal, but if you don’t hurl yourself out of the gate, you’ll never know.

*I kinda stole the photo from the WSJ and they may find out about it and not share the same enthusiasm I have for showing it to you… so, until I get that cease and desist letter, posting it up here is my downhill ski run of the day. 🙂

Things are uneasy, and leash laws are top of the heap


Things are a bit uneasy out there with the average citizens. Anxiety is high, people feel they have little control of their own destiny and they are on edge. Know how I can tell? Is it news of the economy streaming over the 24/7 cable news? Politicians screaming from podium microphones? Former governors hawking tell-all-know-nothing-stir-up-hate books? Movies predicting the end of the world in two years?

Nope, none of that. It is even simpler.

They care about leash laws.

And local laws on how tall you’re allowed to grow your lawn. And how long you can park your car in front of your house. And if you need a permit or not to build that on your deck. And if you can legally store your boat in your back yard.

And not so much that they care about these laws, but they hike up their sleeves and don’t hesitate to tell you that you better fall in line. There.

I don’t have any data to prove my assertions, so take them with a grain of salt. But, I sense that when people feel overwhelmed and lose a sense of control over their own fate, they turn to really small things that they feel they have the right to enforce.

Like leash laws.

The most offensive Tea Party sign ever

The Huffington Post ran a story with some slide shows, showing the most offensive signs at the recent tea parties. As I was looking through the slide show, I found the sign that was the absolute, most offensive one of all. And, if the words on the sign weren’t enough to get you steaming mad, consider the fact that it was put up by our own government!

Anyway, here is the most offensive tea party sign, outlined in green.

The most offensive Tea Party sign
The most offensive Tea Party sign

What’s next, no peeing on the fire plugs? Who’s with me, Pee Parties April 15, 2010! 🙂

Obama uses a MacBook Pro?

What Obama's first day photo should have looked like
What Obama's first day photo should have looked like

This photo appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times. Probably others. Thanks Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer. I’m not sure if we can use these photos. Do tax dollars pay for the official White House photographer? Pretty sure someone will slap my paw if I’m wrong. 😉