A shout out to Tim Hortons

Ok, after a couple years of mooching honey-dipped Tim Bits from the really cool morning crew at Tim Hortons on Main Street in Englewood, here is my shout-out to them!

From left to right: Linda, Denise, Sara, Beverly (Manager) and Tonya (Co-owner) You are my mostest, favorite peeps!

Welcome to my fan club!

And anyone who is reading this, you are getting sleepy and suddenly feel like a good cup of hot coffee.. maybe with a donut or bowl of soup…..

Run to Tim Hortons in Englewood and tell them Rufus sent you! It won’t get you a discount, but it will sure increase your circle of quality friends!

Spring is coming

It’s official, spring is coming. We saw a robin chirping on the snow during our afternoon walk! (Not the robin here, but just in case you forgot what one looks like in this cold, we put one up.)

Today, I am a Dog

There is a cat that lives in the office next door. He thinks he owns the hallway. Whenever Rufus goes out the back door, he is there and likes to hiss and swat. Rufus has been taking this behavior for about 6 months now and finally figured out that he has about 60 lbs on the cat. Today, he just charged and threw his whole weight on this the cat. Lots of squealing, some grunting and a huge bark, but everyone now knows who really owns the hallway. (That’s the cat to the left.. We call him Damien)

And, if that wasn’t enough to make Rufus’ day, after 7 1/2 years of chasing squirrels, he finally caught one! He let it go quickly, but he caught it!

Today, Rufus is a dog.

“It’s all about me!” awards

I’ve decided to award the “It’s all about me!” award to people I see that are deliberately oblivious to others around them.

The latest winner of the “It’s all about me!” award goes to the parent in the red jacket.. The photographer was taking championship photos at the Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational and this one parent just could not wait until he had captured the official photo. So, some kids in the lower left corner will not have the honor of recognition for winning their division, but hey, the parent got his/her photo of their little brat!! Screw the rest of the team….

How sad.