Mercedes Benz shoulda hired an English major

This is the latest commercial for Mercedes Benz:


I’m not sure how much money they spent on the special effects, CGI or any of that, but they should have spent more on copywriting. The only copy in the commercial is painfully grammatically incorrect.

It should have said “fewer doors” not “less doors.” Of course, they could have said “less door space.”

While the misuse of “few” and “less” is grating and painful to my ears, I’m sure few others noticed. But if Mercedes Benz is a premium brand that buyers trust to handle all the small details on the car, shouldn’t they also handle the details of their commercials with the same care and fanaticism?

Its brand promise of “the best or nothing” to their customers insists it does.

Do they talk american?

Here’s a tip when running for President of the United States of America: Pay attention in English class.

From an email on October 18, 2008 from the McCain/Palin camp, they write:

Help John McCain and Sarah Palin win in November!

With less than 18 days until Election Day our volunteer activities are in full swing. With your help here in Ohio John McCain and Sarah Palin will win on November 4th. To sign up for volunteer shifts at your local campaign office please click here!

What they meant to write was: “With fewer than 18 days until Election Day…” in addition to the comma after the dependent clause.. (…Election Day, for those who need a nudge.)

Guess The Elements of Style is one more thing Palin doesn’t read. These are the people we want in charge of reforming education in America? Perhaps what is really needed is just a federal mandate to lower the bar for everyone. Then, we can all look smart.

The problem of typos in the McCain camp is systemic. Take a look at his education issue page (just the last paragraph will do ya!) Is the world moving too fast that they can’t take a few extra seconds to proof their published material? Or, are they really that ignorant? Perhaps Peggy Noonan is right.

Stay in school, kids. Or, maybe just drop out now and get your name on a ballot somewhere. You’re probably already qualified!

The City of Englewood at it again!

I recently received a mailer from Rumpke regarding the change in our trash removal service. It had a few more details than the official City newsletter had. I called the City of Englewood to clarify the “one bulk item” definition. As I do most of my own home-improvement projects as a hobby and relaxation, I was concerned I would no longer have access to construction debris removal as would be expected from a bathroom remodel.

Matt in the government office confirmed my fear, but he was quick to point out the City was saving a million dollars by switching to Rumpke. I then took out my calculator.

Using a basis of approximately 23,000 residents (could be a few more or less.. not sure how many apartment renters are in that count) I calculated out $36.00/year that Rumpke would be pushing off on us for container rental. That came to $828,000, just shy of a million dollars. But, since our $36.00 is AFTER taxes, the REAL cost of renting a container, given the lowest tax brackets, is $45.99 a year. (Your cost may vary, depending on your tax bracket.) This pushes the real cost to $1,057,00.00. A hair over a million dollars the City is “saving.”

As far as me and my third-grade math are concerned, we are now getting fewer services for just a bit more money than we are now paying. And the City is saving a million dollars on our behalf.

If my calculations are not accurate or I am missing something, I invite the City to call and correct me. I suspect a call will not be forthcoming