Being authentic

Guy included me in his Alltop magazine rack early on in the site life ( and I’ve been a fan since. Actually, I have always been a fan of Guy. When Neenz sent a Facebook message to the Alltop group about getting some cool Alltop stickers, I was there. Sent my mailing address in and waited eagerly by the mailbox.

Anyway, this is what I received:

The hand-written address, the real postage stamp, the lack of any slick marketing! I feel like FAMILY!

Guy doesn’t know I’m here and doesn’t really need me to feel like I’m part of a family. But it sure makes Alltop one of more favorite sites all over again!

Big dogs go to war

This is disturbing on a lot of levels, but mostly because it buzzes around like a giant fly instead of growling and barking like a dog.

Thanks Guy for pointing me to this from your Tweet.