Clinton many things, but not a proud dog owner

Not a proud dog owner and no record of advocacy for canine rights, but still a pretty good speaker. Listen for the reference to “Iran” at 8:29-8:52 clever.

A note to the Democrats: We don’t want to be “taken care of.” We just don’t want to work our entire lives to create a home and a small amount of wealth and always be one heart attack away from bankruptcy. We just don’t want our income to be eroded by bad dollar policy. We don’t want our homes to be worthless because we can’t sell them. We just want a fair playing field and opportunity to achieve reward for smart and hard work.

Don’t strive to “take care of us.” Strive to create a country that values human life and effort beyond the value to which dogs can contribute economically. Dogs are so much more than their economic viability. Value that as well.

Clinton “pull-out” predicted

Sometimes, something is just way too funny not to mention. Do you think the copy editors writing the headlines at the Washington Post just did not drink enough Plain Joe Coffee before showing up for work today??

I thought that Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman…” Hillary, not Monica. So, why is there a pull-out opportunity? 🙂

And just in case the Post actually reads their headlines and some religious group doesn’t think it is uproariously funny like we dogs do, we took a screen shot. Enjoy. (Click on the photo for the full size)

Clinton pulls out

Hillary is going nowhere

As I was lifting my leg to relieve myself on the newspaper this evening, I noticed an article in the Wall Street Journal that said ‘Democrats look to life after Clinton.’ Well, that is an odd thing to say. Life after Clinton? Really?

Hillary Clinton may never become president, but she will become even more powerful than a mere president. She will become a power center where every Democrat that wants to sit on an influential committee or even run for president in the future will need to come and pay her homage and get her blessing. She will, ironically, become Ted Kennedy’s successor.

With Bill right behind her.

Just watch and see.