Jackwagons and stewballs; Some thoughts on cursing in public

I was thinking that there is entirely too much cursing in our modern life. Maybe we do it to get attention. Maybe we do it to make others think we are ‘cutting edge’ and fearless of “The Man.” Who knows and who really cares.

I just know I am kinda tired of hearing it all, especially from the emerging crop of Social Media people who are finding themselves more on stage as keynotes in more and more mainstream conferences. We get it, but some of us are older and you just don’t say things like that in polite company. You are no longer exclusively in your nerd colonies.

If you must curse, may we ask that you be more creative? I propose instead of calling someone an a**hole, you say “jackwagon.” Or instead of “sh*t” or “f**k” you say “stewballs!” (Look up Peter, Paul and Mary)

That’s all I have to say. If you must curse, be smart and creative. Instead of cringing, we’ll smile with the appreciation creativity deserves.

I’m kinda curious about any curse words you’ve replaced. Tell us about them in the comments. (Just the replacements, not the original words. We run a family-friendly doghouse.)