Great design, but will it survive a wet dog?

Today is Nate Berkus Day, declared by Joy and Janet @moggitgirls. For those who don’t know, Nate is (was) Oprah’s designer and is now going to host his own design show on NBC in September.

Whoopie. Another celebrity interior designer with his own show.

But wait! This guy has dogs! This is an interesting twist for us out here in design-lemming-land.

What if every design episode starts off with the question, “Can this design survive a wet dog?” During the course of the episode — as the design is coming together — Nate does a variation on the design for people with dogs and people without. “If you don’t have a dog, that white Italian leather sofa is a good idea; if you do, why not consider this equally attractive but not as expensive pleather look a-like that is easier to clean?” that sort of thing.

Real people have dogs. And dogs play havoc with design. Unless you start the design with the ability to keep it looking clean and nice and work backwards. (inspired by this post by Paul Anatar. If you can’t clean it, don’t install it.)

Clinton “pull-out” predicted

Sometimes, something is just way too funny not to mention. Do you think the copy editors writing the headlines at the Washington Post just did not drink enough Plain Joe Coffee before showing up for work today??

I thought that Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman…” Hillary, not Monica. So, why is there a pull-out opportunity? 🙂

And just in case the Post actually reads their headlines and some religious group doesn’t think it is uproariously funny like we dogs do, we took a screen shot. Enjoy. (Click on the photo for the full size)

Clinton pulls out