Brooks was here

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me if I believe in a mid-life crises. After a lot of walks and some careful thinking, I think a mid-life crises starts with a desperate desire to carve “Brooks was here” in some patch of existence before they take away your pen knife and you forget your name. This may need more walking and thinking….

Rufus and Dairy Queen

We were feeling pretty bored at the office, so we went next door for some ice cream.. in the freezing rain/ice. I FINALLY took some video of Rufus eating his ice cream cone.

Rufus has a drink

Vanesea leaves and I hear this slurping sound.. it is Rufus helping himself to her tea. Cell phone video, but still pretty funny….

Corporate sponsorship at my funeral

As we were walking through the cemetery, Bell Funeral Services was setting up their blue canopy for a funeral. I know it is Bell because that is the biggest thing you can read on the canopy.

I got to thinking it would probably be more appropriate to have a place for the deceased’s name instead of slapping on yet another piece of advertising. “Good bye, Mr. Dogg! By the way, be sure to keep Bell Funeral Services in mind in case you need to spend your last dime before you get to the other side!”

One more thing.. as I was walking by, I happened to look up and one of the guys setting up turns his head and spits. Nothing like the image I have of Bell Funeral Services, taking my last dime and then spitting on my grave!


Yesterday, Rufus and I walked along the back side of National. Along this path, there are three sidewalk blocks that are interesting. One has the name “Emily” carved into the edge.. the other has two hand prints smack in to the middle of the block and the third has “Matt” written along the edge, close to the driveway.

Except for the obvious “defacing public property” cries from the City of Englewood, I find the quest for legacy fascinating. Not sure where I’m going with this, but I’m sure it is a topic that I will revisit frequently in this blog as it seems to be a big deal… from the hand prints of little kids to the urgent push to create legacy at the highest levels of our government.

Is this why the Englewood Gov. Center is the size of Buckingham Palace? We’ll have to think more on that… I wonder if the palace exceeds the height restrictions on buildings…. have to look that up…..