National City, what were you thinking!

I click on the bookmark into my checking account at and was immediately jolted into thinking I had gone the wrong place. I quickly shut down my browser, cleared the cookies, and panicked. I then went in again and saw the same thing! Then, I realized October was breast cancer month and the whole word is pink instead of the usual green.

National City, what the heck were you thinking! The entire banking industry is in turmoil, people are nervous about their money and you go and change one of the fundamental things about you that says “trust us”? Why would you do that?

I know breast cancer is important and National City is a big supporter. That is ok. But, next year, please, please, please forgo the pink facelift and make a big pink ribbon on the side or something. Don’t mess with the foundations of your web site.

And that trustworthy green is a big foundation.

National City Bank staffed with crooks

I have not been able to get decent Internet all week, so on-line banking has been tough. Most of the National City Bank branches were closed because they did not have power. The online banking has been sporadically “malfunctioning” with the bill pay in addition to my Internet woes.

As a result, I now have $69.04 in late fees and interest on a credit card balance I never keep. I will call; I will get my money back and I will shut down the card and never use their credit card services again. They have never been willing to publish a date due on the account and they keep sliding the due date all over the calendar. Enough is really enough.

I will also switch banks. They started out great about 9 years ago, but slowly slipped into “really just sucks.”