Why was Rush really given the bum’s rush?


All the pundits arguments about Rush Limbaugh‘s right to own anything he can pay for, how his comments about people prove he is a racist, how players won’t play for him and why Rush would be bad for the NFL brand is just all crap.

Here is the real reason Rush was given the bum’s rush from the St. Louis Rams.

The NFL watched how Rush was able to slowly co-opt the GOP and realized that if they give this guy an inch with minority ownership, in a decade he would be the de facto voice of the NFL. And the powers that run the NFL, who all have egos that rival Rush’s, didn’t want a big, fat idiot with an army of dittoheads calling the shots. It is really that simple.

Nobody is going to say that on national television because it does not draw out the argument and is unable to bring race into the argument.