Soccer vs Hockey Mom

What the difference between a soccer mom and a hockey mom?

A soccer mom will kick you in the balls, but a hockey mom will puck you from behind!

Been working on that since Palin did the lipstick joke. Mine is funnier cause no dogs were harmed during the delivery of the joke.

We dogs keep getting more press!! From the press!!

Paul Begala, political commentator for CNN, writes this article on The Huffington Post. He ends with:

The real debate is over whether the media will be vigilant watchdogs, sounding the alarm when McCain and Palin lie, or fall back to the role they’ve played for most of McCain’s career: lapdog.

I love all these recent references to dogs in this election! Maybe the journalist who said “..all (newspaper) readers care about are puppy dogs…” during the Sam Zell F**K You! video was just dead-on accurate!

Sarah Palin no pit bull

I was watching Sarah Palin last night and she said in her speech,

I love those hockey moms. What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick

Some of my best friends are pit bulls. I’m both saddened and enraged at the comparison Palin makes between pit bulls and hockey moms.

Pit bulls attack out of instinct because they are threatened; hockey moms (insert sport here, doesn’t matter) attack because they can. Hockey moms attack because they have an indignant sense of entitlement. Hockey moms attack for the sheer pleasure they get from crushing another human being utterly and completely.

For hockey moms, attack is a sport. For pit bulls, it is merely survival.

Reference: Minute 10:00