Congratulations, Mr. President

Congratulations, Mr. President
Congratulations, Mr. President

Following that speech, my new resolutions for 2009 and beyond are:
– To reject negative thinking and reject anyone who says, “That is not possible” and seek out those who say “How can we do that.”
– To reject any and all who speak racists comments and to speak up without hesitation, whether friend or not.
– To quit doing what provides no value to others or myself.

The price of stupid and ignorant

The Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated distributed the flyer above with their newsletter. They claim it just represents food and the chicken, watermelon, Kool-Aid and ribs were not racist.

Yeah, right. How big of a rock was the president of the GOP group, Diane Fedele, living under for how many years? And, her daughter gets on television saying her mom couldn’t be a racist because she was married to her dad, who is Mexican. Stop digging the hole for yourself!

Here is what should happen and I hope does. KFC and Kraft Foods (Owners of Kool-Aid) file a lawsuit against the group, the RNC and Ms. Fedele personally for using their product images without permission. And, they would win.

Think twice, do once.

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