Recharging around here is easy.

Nap, walk, eat.

Pick one or more; they all work equally well 🙂

I have not had a “real” vacation in over thirty years. The idea of taking an entire week off to do nothing — or worse, planned activities — gives me more stress than working through the whole year without a vacation. Instead, I take mini-vacations that look like goofy off to everyone else around me.

A twenty-minute nap, a cup of coffee on the deck, a walk in the park with the dogs, reading several chapters of a book, a trip to the grocery store for nothing I need, reading blogs, doodling in my journal, a trip to NYC under the guise of attending a conference or something randomly silly like this. Any and all work to “recharge.”

I’m not a big fan of running down the batteries and then recharging the way most Americans work, which is why I built a business out of not having to be anywhere specific for any particular reason. Moderation works in recharge mode as well.

This blog post is part of a blog-off series with a group of bloggers from different professions and world views, each exploring a theme from his/her world view. This was about answering the question, How do you relax and recharge? To explore how others handled the theme, check them out below. I will add links as they publish.