You are not a Ninja or a Rockstar

I read an article on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today that says the hot new job title in technology is “Ninja.”

Really? Seriously? People like being called the “Ninja?”

Before that, we had “Rockstar” and “Guru” and … [insert other fantasy title here]. All mis-appropriated from a fantasy of a high-school nerd who wished he was a rockstar or ninja back in the day. Now that you are an adult with some power, money and skills you can be these things. But it still makes you look nerdy.

Ninjas are ninjas; rockstars are rockstars. You are just the guy with a really big brain who has skills and the ability to see patterns most of us envy. Is that not enough or is that just too much of the wrong thing? I suppose you reason that if being the really smart nerd in the room was every kid’s fantasy, then we’d all grow up wanting to be a big brainy nerd instead of a rockstar.

Be who you are and quit trying to live out a child’s fantasy in your adult life. Being a nerd back then may have been uncomfortable, but claiming to be a rockstar or ninja in an adult life makes you look ridiculous.

And it makes the rest of us uncomfortable because we’re not sure how grown up you really are.

As long as we are talking creative titles, I would be remiss if I didn’t throw out a few of my own: Lead Dog, Poop Maker, Bone Digger, Whiner, Barker, Butt Sniffer, Leg Humper. Thanks @1sassy_chick and @saintpetepaul for the contributions.

Advice to Hockey Moms

I was listening to Sarah Palin speak in Lebanon, OH yesterday and one piece of advice hit me that I really wish all the hockey moms and soccer moms would start embracing.

Celebrate your victory, not your opponent’s defeat.

It’s a simple bit of wisdom, but one that keeps you from turning into a vindictive, rapid animal who will tear at anyone and anything to win an argument, hockey game or an election.

This is an election, not a war. Obama is your opponent, not your enemy. If you should win, allow your opponent grace in defeat. Your recent comments will not give you this competitive edge.

I know it is easier to stir up people with negative ads, snarky comments and sarcasm. Win or lose with this tactic, it does not move our country forward, only fuels a social revolution. It shifts the goal from winning a contest of ideas to defeating an “enemy.” It divides this country more than unites it.

I hope Obama does not get negative, skarky and sarcastic. I hope he rejects that path. I hope that he would rather “lose an election than lose his soul.”