Where have we been?

It has been AGES since we blogged, so our loyal fans are probably wondering where we have been. We are still here, doing three walks a day.

It has been a couple of high-travel months for me, and the January panic set in rather deeply this year, so there has not been that much time to writing.. well, the time has been there, but the mental exhaustion that comes with long days, has also been here. I promise to write more often.

Rufus has converted the entire Tim Horton’s morning crew. We pull up almost every day and order a large decaf, with a heat sleeve, a two Homey-dipped Tim Bits. Most of the time, they give them to Rufus for free. We’re going to induct them in the Rufus Fan Club once we get that off the ground (hopefully by summer!)

Well. not much else to say and it is once again time to walk the puppy!

Political Thoughts on Walks

Some things going through my head on recent walks:
Supreme Court Nominee: I think the message your party is sending you, Mr. Bush, is take the job seriously. We know you are busy with lots of things like the Iraq War, Katrina, Wilma… but this is an appointment for life. Learn a bit from Covey; this is more important than it is urgent. Spend the time doing it right.

Libby Indictment: Ok, CNN, Fox and all other news people. Get smart about this. EVERYONE outside the Beltway should care about this case because it is about abuse of power to silence dissent. Anyone who has voiced an unpopular opinion at a city council meeting and then finds “code violation” letters suddenly being sent to their home; anyone who has been on the wrong side of eminent domain; anyone who finds themselves being tax audited shortly after pissing off a government official.. (yes, news people, this all happens in real life, outside the Beltway). Get it right; this is not about the application of a narrowly-defined law regarding the CIA, blah, blah, blah.. It is no smaller than protecting free speech in America without fear of reprisal. Really.

Oil Companies Gouging: Oooh boy… We are a Market Economy. Nobody was helping the oil companies in the 80s-90s when there was massive mergers, consolidations and bankruptcies… Now that the market has turned, and the oil companies have the advantage, there are howls of gouging. (Ok, maybe a little gouging) but nobody forced you to buy an SUV you can’t afford… I know you have to fill it up to go to work because you are one paycheck away from poverty every week, but… oh, wait… maybe it is a lesson to live within your means…. but I could be wrong….