Tempted to the dark side

It just now occurred to me that I am a middle aged man with a beard living in an open carry state driving a four ton white van with a handicap hanger. I could be the most outwardly fascist jerk of a bigot on the face of the planet with impunity. Do the Democrats really want to flip the switch that’s resting just below the surface?

Are they that oblivious to the existence of me and those like me who have to hide their socialist tendencies to live safely amongst their RWNJ redneck neighbors? Are they oblivious to the dangers one faces just expressing a liberal political view? My guess is they are.

When @SenSherrodBrown office belittles my very real #ACA questions, I think, “@realDonaldTrump? can’t be worse!” @TheDemocrats #Ohio

#BradleyDeane, in response to my #ACA q. said, “I assume that is a rhetorical question” @SenSherrodBrown @realDonaldTrump looking better

The dismissive tone @TheDemocrats use on a loyal Democratic voter – me – gets me thinking @realDonaldTrump can’t be worse! @SenSherrodBrown

@SenSherrodBrown @TheDemocrats just in case you are scratching your head over why @realDonaldTrump is doing so well. It’s your attitude.

You focus on young voters, the poor and the old. The folks in the Middle? They’ll be fine. WE ARE NOT FINE! @SenSherrodBrown @TheDemocrats

Dismiss the people in The Middle at your peril @TheDemocrats @SenSherrodBrown we have been loyal, but tired of being taken for granted.

#TheMiddle enables the young & sustains the old. We’re not batteries but we are treated such @SenSherrodBrown @TheDemocrats

Argue amongst yourself about why I’m a selfish a-hole. I’ve lived an unselfish life so far and it’s gotten me ignored and taken for granted. Maybe I’ve been wrong all along.