The City of Englewood at it again!

I recently received a mailer from Rumpke regarding the change in our trash removal service. It had a few more details than the official City newsletter had. I called the City of Englewood to clarify the “one bulk item” definition. As I do most of my own home-improvement projects as a hobby and relaxation, I was concerned I would no longer have access to construction debris removal as would be expected from a bathroom remodel.

Matt in the government office confirmed my fear, but he was quick to point out the City was saving a million dollars by switching to Rumpke. I then took out my calculator.

Using a basis of approximately 23,000 residents (could be a few more or less.. not sure how many apartment renters are in that count) I calculated out $36.00/year that Rumpke would be pushing off on us for container rental. That came to $828,000, just shy of a million dollars. But, since our $36.00 is AFTER taxes, the REAL cost of renting a container, given the lowest tax brackets, is $45.99 a year. (Your cost may vary, depending on your tax bracket.) This pushes the real cost to $1,057,00.00. A hair over a million dollars the City is “saving.”

As far as me and my third-grade math are concerned, we are now getting fewer services for just a bit more money than we are now paying. And the City is saving a million dollars on our behalf.

If my calculations are not accurate or I am missing something, I invite the City to call and correct me. I suspect a call will not be forthcoming

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