The election is not about race

Sure, Barack Obama is African-American and yes, he is the first black president of the United States of America and that is historic. But, he is also a really smart man who knows how to inspire greatness in others and instill dreams that people act on instead of just wishing and praying.

Obama was elected because he could inspire a nation to act, because he enabled us to see a brighter future that was not built on hate, war or fear.

Obama was elected because ultimately, Americans want to be ethical, brave, smart, gracious, humble, proud and smart. We want to be able to see the World and be liked and respected; not because our military can bomb the crap out of any other, but because we have earned respect by giving mutual respect. Because we have developed our talents, skills, hearts and minds to their maximum capactity, knowing that capacity is limitless.

And then we give them away freely, knowing that even if they don’t come back to us, they at least make the world a better place.

That is the real wealth that needs to spread around.

Arrianna Huffington writes in her blog:

Obama’s victory holds up a mirror, reflecting the country we are. And it turns out to be the kind of country we’ve always imagined ourselves being — even if in the last seven-plus years we fell horribly short: a young country, an optimistic country, a forward-looking country, a country not afraid to take risks or to dream big.

Let me put it another way. I wish I were the person my dog thinks I am. Today, America, you are. Let’s hope you remain.

To ignore the generations of African-Americans who paved the road ahead for Obama would be a mistake. But, to attribute Obama’s win to his race would be an even greater one. That being said, CNN and MSNBC, please stop propping up black people as pundits simply because they are black. That no more qualifies them to comment than does Palin’s foreign policy experience based on her proximity to Russia.

This country wants to be smart, hopeful and happy once again. Media, start leading again! Reject the format of arguing know-nothing pundits and journalist wanna-bees and let’s start having serious conversations around real issues. The country is changing and growing up. Stay in step.

And Malia and Sasha when you go to pick up that new puppy, please go to the Humane Society and pick out a mutt. They make the best kind of dog, especially the skinny ones whose ears are a little uneven and stick out just a little bit more than they should.

2 Replies to “The election is not about race”

  1. You know, I never thought the election was about race. First, because Barack Obama is just as much a “white” man as he is a “black” man. He is a bi-racial gentleman who was raised in a white household.

    Granted, his skin is darker than my own, and that means he knows more (a lot more) about the black experience in the United States than I do, or ever will. But, I don’t define myself by my race, and I don’t plan to define Mr. Obama by his.

    I say this fully aware of the potential irony that results from the fact that I am a Republican, a proud Daughter of the Confederacy and a descendant of slave holders (the fact that they owned slaves is not something that I’m proud of … but the Civil War was about so much more than race or slavery).

    Barack Obama is the best man for the job, so I voted for him. I considered voting for McCain, but since I was not at all happy with the Bush administration, I could not see casting a vote for more of the same. Palin on the ticket was just the last straw that broke this poor camel’s back.

    I just hope that people will give Mr. Obama time and space to allow him to dig us out of this gigantic hole that GW Bush pushed us into.

  2. Bow, wow.

    The only thing left to add here is that we all should go out and buy our own shovel and just ask where we can help dig.

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