The GOP will eventually get their tax cuts

picture-8I watched CSPAN yesterday for a couple of hours and saw U.S. Congressman John Culberson of the 7th District of Texas (Houston) retort on the stimulus package. He repeated himself a lot and kept saying tax cuts, tax cuts, $100 million per minute being spent, tax cuts, tax cuts. Kinda got a bit old as he really said nothing new, but kept talking anyway.

The Republicans will eventually get their tax cuts. When everyone is unemployed, they will no longer have to pay income tax, FICA or any payroll taxes. When they quit buying stuff because they have no money, they will pay no sales tax. When they lose their homes because they failed to pay their mortgage, they will cease to pay property tax. And when they die in poverty, their heirs will pay no death tax. 100% tax cut!

Eventually, I have faith the GOP will lose almost every battle in this stimulus fight, but will win the war. And the American Main Street will be littered with their collateral damage.

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