The great free debate. People want to eat but they don’t want to join the hunt

Free will never be a price worth paying.

People want to eat but they don’t want to join the hunt. Newspapers, TV, etc FEED people without them having to get off their butts to get news. Blogs, Internet, etc. require they do something to get news (hunt)

Godin states: “In a world of free, everyone can play.” Just because they can, doesn’t mean they will.

My money is on sloth. Nobody ever went broke betting on sloth. A book review on Amazon may be easier to find, but so are 1,000 opinions on it from readers, all of which are essentially crap. A really good book review in the WSJ or the NYT is reliable and usually done by someone who has the critical eye and the command of language that makes the review worth paying attention to. “I really like this book” is meaningless drivel as are the videos Chris Brogan puts out on book reviews; but they are free! (BTW, I care about what Brogan says about Social Media, but he does not deliver a credible book review. I trust this guy with his hefty English degree more!)

The reason we will need paid contributors in the future is nobody will want to hunt, but we will all demand to be fed. No hunters, no food.

And most of the time, free is the most expensive price you can pay for anything. Free food might be rotten food and rotten food may lead to ….

2 Replies to “The great free debate. People want to eat but they don’t want to join the hunt”

  1. Hell, I don’t even like my book reviews. I just like telling people what I’m reading. They’re not meant to be critical or anything. They’re just me talking about books I like.

    But yeah, the rest of your post was neato.

  2. @chris Then quit doing them and do what you are great at. The “reviews” don’t really contribute to your brand. Take a page out of Godin and stick to being the best in your field and let others review books. 🙂

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