The last Sundae of the season at JDs Custard

It was the last day of the season at JD’s Custard in Englewood and we couldn’t miss the going-away party. Here is our visit.

We all piled into the puppy mobile:
Event Van
Charlie didn’t really want to ride, but I had him on a leash so he had little choice. But once he was in, he wasted no time competing with Zoey for the front seat.


We arrived at the custard store and there was nobody in line ahead of us. AWESOME, though I’m sure they got pretty busy as the afternoon went on. I ordered a single vanilla scoop for Sallie, Zoey and Charlie. Cindy helped me carry it out to the van.

The dogs ate their custard in the van….

but then Charlie needed to check out where the custard came from, so we went exploring.

After all the custard was consumed, the carnage was horrifying….

so the human had to steady his nerves with some Tim Horton’s coffee.

And we are all set for next year. We’ll be ordering our usual holiday peppermint, eggnog and chocolate custard soon. Yes, chocolate is a holiday flavor!

Thank you for another great season, JD’s. We didn’t visit nearly enough but we promise to make up for it next summer. Enjoy the winter off.