The malaprop prez

I am really starting to re-think my whole opposition to Sarah Palin in 2012. I’m beginning to think that maybe four years (or eighteen months, whichever comes first) of Palin’s malapropery might be just the thing to get this country into a good mood once again.

It’s the most fun my English degree has had in years! Let’s refudiate anger, fear and hate. Vote Palin 2012 and let the pun begin. Fun? No, pun. Who cares, it’s only one little letter. Whose with me?

“Personally, I think this @sarahpalinUSA odorous refudiation is much ado about nothing,” Shakespeare quips. #dogberry

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One Response to The malaprop prez

  1. Rufus says:

    Ok, to be clear, this was sarcasm. Really. Really, really.