The media is all wrong… again

Once again, the media has gotten it all wrong. I’m going to step out and say that America didn’t vote “the other guy” because they were unhappy about the war in Iraq.

Oh, now don’t get your underwear in a bunch. They are unhappy about the war in Iraq, but that is not why they voted the way they did and why the Democrats are now in control of the House and Senate.

We voted DEMOCRAT because we understand the consequences of the imbalance of power when all three branches are dominated by one party. We voted to have checks and balances restored. The Iraq war, Patriot Act, wiretapping without warrants, run-away spending, etc, etc, are all SYMPTOMS of a single party in power without the checks and balances in place.

Just like we did to the Democratic Congress/White House in 1994, we did with the Republican Congress/White House in 2006. The lesson is no greater than that. Regardless of how stupid you think the American electorate is, elected officials, never forget that we ultimately understand that this government is made up of three branches, all of equal power, all sworn to uphold the principles of check and balances.

America is not a kingdom; it is a republic. That much the common folk know.