The most offensive Tea Party sign ever

The Huffington Post ran a story with some slide shows, showing the most offensive signs at the recent tea parties. As I was looking through the slide show, I found the sign that was the absolute, most offensive one of all. And, if the words on the sign weren’t enough to get you steaming mad, consider the fact that it was put up by our own government!

Anyway, here is the most offensive tea party sign, outlined in green.

The most offensive Tea Party sign

The most offensive Tea Party sign

What’s next, no peeing on the fire plugs? Who’s with me, Pee Parties April 15, 2010! 🙂

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2 Responses to The most offensive Tea Party sign ever

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  2. Jeff says:

    Sarah Palin is truly the intellectual head of the Republican party these days. Her brilliance is something that can’t be understood by many. Much like George W. Bush, she is very knowledgable about every subject and dazzles anyone she meets with her command of facts from constitutional law to nuclear weapons treaties. She’s probably the only one who will call Obama on the most important issue our country faces. Do we have a President who is not legally President. Mounting evidence shows Obama was born in Kenya so who will call him on it. Only Republicans seem to be able to bring up the fact that Obama has not produced a birth certificate. Does the Chicago Machine have something on the dems that make them stay silent after they see the fake birth certificate from Hawaii?