The real death of the Dayton Daily News

For those of you who may not know, I was with the Dayton Daily News from 1998-2002. It was perhaps the most meaningful period of my life, in which I learned how to write objectively, think independently, treasure really, really talented people around me, learned how to change the world with little more than a thought and a pen, to learn patience, compassion and humility from greater human beings and learned how to find meaning in a job where I was paid almost nothing and expected to accomplish almost everything. I loved every heartache of the 4 1/2 years I spent there.

Yesterday, I visited the DDN building on Ludlow Ave in downtown Dayton. They were having a public sale where furniture, computer equipment, etc was being sold for whatever they could get. I went to walk the halls for one last time, to hear my friends, colleagues and mentors in my head one last time, to reclaim the same excitement I felt coming into the old newspaper building every morning. I was not disappointed.


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  1. I understand exactly what you are saying. I majored in journalism back in the early 60’s. The profession is far different today. News as entertainment? Absolutely. Objectivity? What’s that? I’d like to think those days are not gone forever but I fear such thinking is wishful.

    So what do I do? Think about my take on things, while walking my dog, try to find a middle road that might spark some thought and write a post.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just know, I do think. A lot!

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