The REAL reason that immigration matters

I was reading an article in the WSJ today about how the World Cup is good for Walmart, how they want to market more to the Hispanic community and then it dawned on me –well, hit me square in the face, really. The immigration issue is a contrived marketing plan that has probably been in the works for years, maybe decades.

Ok, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe in the tenacity of the American marketplace. Here’s the skinny in real basic terms.

The two largest sports events that have world-wide reach are the Olympic Games and the World Cup. The Olympic Games have been pretty much marketed to death by American corporations and they are somewhat on the decline as a novelty. But, the World Cup has been out of reach of American corporations in the United States since forever. If you are a Walmart that has millions (maybe billions) of dollars worth of goods to sell and no market, you can either shrug your shoulders and give up OR you can CREATE the market. Since this is America, we’re going to go with the latter.

It may have taken Walmart decades of influence and millions of dollars to position this market, but they now have pushed the immigration issue to a head. They have gotten the media talking about it, they have the Congress talking… they have successfully banded the Hispanic community together under one common cause. NOW they have a market to appeal to!!

Do you doubt this? Then ask yourself: Why the immigration issue? Why now? Does it seem a bit too “pushed”, too contrived? Is the immigration issue REALLY a “make-or-break” issue like out-of-control medical costs, Social Security going broke or terrorism in our peaceful world? Really??

Let’s watch the issue when the World Cup fever is over. Let’s watch who does well in the World Cup and see where Walmart and similar corporations take their marketing.

Lots of walks on this topic. Stay tuned; Rufus has some thoughts as well….