The seeds of mistrust


Today, I look at my Google Analytics for this blog. I clicked on the Site Overlay view and it dutifully built my site with the percentage of clicks over each link. I then exited GA, but pulled up my blog in a new window. After the blog loaded, the GA overlay built with the ribbon above my blog. No big deal, I just logged out. But it kept doing it. I dumped the cache. Still, then I dumped all the Google cookies. Still. I restarted Safari. Still. I restarted my Mac, relaunched Safari. It looks like it is ok.

As useful as the Site Overlay is, I’m not clicking on that link again. I no longer trust it to release the site back to me. Moreover, I no longer trust what Google is doing that I can’t see.

I quote Mr. Weasley of Harry Potter’s, The Chamber of Secrets: “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”