2 Replies to “This takes guts”

  1. So, you are saying that those of us who voted for Obama are somehow not pro-American? Are we anti-American??

  2. Not at all!! Just pointing out that the “pro-American” parts that Palin referred to during the campaign exists where a very large Obama sign was planted. That one person who had a lot of conviction in his/her opinion was brave enough to show it very visibly to the rest of the county, which voted overwhelmingly for McCain.

    If there was a McCain supporter who did the same thing in an overwhelmingly “socialist” part of the country, and we had the surprise of running across it, we would have blogged that as well.

    As a dog, I have no political leanings one way or the other… I just like to point out things that deserve a second look. A HUGE sign for Obama, planted firmly on a busy highway in a very, very, very red county in a presumably red state deserves a bit of attention.

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